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Lakehouse Creative will enliven your brand with the imagery, stories, and high production value that will attract customers to your product, and bolster their confidence in your services. 


First and foremost, we want to know who you are and what’s important to you. It’s one thing to create beautiful images — something we love to do! — but discovering the story that brought your product to life, or the special touches that infuse your services are the types of details that will set your brand apart.


Once we have a solid appreciation for your needs, we’ll work with you to determine the best approach and format for crafting your story. From scripting to location scouting, to planning how best to implement your video, we’ll ensure that all your goals are met in the most time- and cost-efficient manners possible. 


When everything is in place, you can relax. We’ll manage filming and the post-production editing, and keep you in the loop through each step, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with how your video is turning out. 


Kristen has been taking photos for as long as she can remember, and has exhibited in New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. When she's not photographing, she can be found hugging trees, digging in dirt, momming to her human child and cuddling with her fur child.


Jeff has been involved in the creation of award-winning stories for over 25 years for clients ranging from Sesame Street to Johnson & Johnson. When he's not having Nerf battles with his son, or playing tug-o-war with his whippet, Reba, you might find him kayaking on the Elk River.  


Reba has been warming hearts (and sofas) since December 2017. When she's not on her perch overlooking her world and longing for squirrels, she can be found chasing her human brother, sneaking shoes, and otherwise being a PITA.

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